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Moab, UT by Goal Zero
Moab, UT, Utah, USA Goal Zero Goal Zero
Dirk Wahn Dirk Wahn
Chamonix by Fred Grimpisme
Chamonix, Bonneville, Haute-Savoie Fred Grimpisme Fred Grimpisme
Cerro Quemado by Junior  Fortuny
Cerro Quemado, Quetzaltenango Junior  Fortuny Junior Fortuny
Jungle Rock Margalla Hills by Shehryar Khattak
Jungle Rock Margalla Hills, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan Shehryar Khattak Shehryar Khattak
Sokoliki by Lena Drapella
Sokoliki, Jeleniogórski Lena Drapella Lena Drapella
Podlesice by DH Climbing
Podlesice, 42-345 Kroczyce, Poland DH Climbing DH Climbing
Stetind by Qvakk Le
Stetind, Kjøpsvik, Norway Qvakk Le Qvakk Le
Capo Noli by Elena Quaglia
Capo Noli, Finale Ligure Elena Quaglia Elena Quaglia
Wild Iris by Maxim Ropes
Wild Iris, Lander, United States Maxim Ropes Maxim Ropes
Guess Where by Luis Stitzinger
Guess Where, Guess Where Luis Stitzinger Luis Stitzinger
Civetta by Scarpa
Civetta, 32022 Belluno, Italy Scarpa Scarpa
Flatanger by Audrey Ch
Flatanger, Flatanger, Norway Audrey Ch Audrey Ch
Barre des Écrins by Jean-michel Geets
Barre des Écrins, Massif des Écrins Jean-michel Geets Jean-michel Geets