A picture from The Arch Climbing Wall - Building One by Ben Lampkin

August 2015 - WallCrawl in Central London - here's our route: http://exerk.com/events/wall-crawl/

  • Ben Lampkin


    Why are you reporting this picture?
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    You see the lady with the eXerK tee on, well that's Annie and she's awesome. She organised a 'Wall Crawl' visiting all the climbing gyms in London, in one day... 7 walls, 70km cycling and near enough 70 climbs each... All for a good cause of course (Sported Charity, London). If you want to look at the route we took and an agenda for the day (assuming you're itching to give it a go yourself), see Annie's website here: http://exerk.com/events/wall-crawl/