A picture from Via Corda by Andrea Sabbadin

From the heliport in Les Bois cross the river Arveyron (bridge) and take any of the mountain bike trails, (except the “Montee de Pepe).  These all ascend to a signpost “Sommet de la Norvege”.  A few metres behind this signpost is another sign  “via corda alpina”, attached to a tree which marks the start of the route. Due to its popularity, the correct route is well worn.Follow the rock steps interspersed with walking sections; no need to untie as the next stretch of rock climbing is never far away, allowing yourself to be guided by the cairns, bolts etc, which mark the route.1247426961_973201013.jpgView picture informationVia Corda AlpinaThe route is in six parts:    The chamois climb    The passage of the “sabinette”    The theft of the “perfo”    The ledge of the buck and the traverse of the Italians.(A 90 metre traverse, being careful to descend slightly to the left and to avoid climbing too high.  There is a cable to stop you going too high)    The veterans wall    Canyon and OasisHopefully, the names will become understandable once you have done the route