Vinny the Pug Bouldering in Sedona

His name was Vinny the Pug and he began climbing before he was a year old upon arriving at Phoenix. Vinny became fascinated by the mountains and boulders that littered the Sonoran desert. I started teaching him how to mount an dismount small boulders and progressively moved to larger ones. Eventually we even scaled the side of Camelback Mountain in search of the perfect protrusion for him to climb. Then on June 9th of 2004, Vinny was featured on the front page of "Scottsdale Views" and after that Channel #3 News and other media venues. Though some will choose to believe that Vinny the Pug's life of climbing in Arizona a gimmick, I challenge everyone to Google his name. There you will discover that I posted his many accomplishments concurrently as they transpired. If that isn't enough, locate the August 1, 2003 issue of CLIMBING Magazine and turn to page 113. You will find an article with photos of Vinny the Pug entitled "The Rock Superstar". Vinny the Pug donned his climbing harness for the last time March 15, 2013 at 2:PM. He did so exactly one hour before he left me forever due unto a cancerous tumor that had attacked his tongue. I feel honored to have been chosen to be Vinny's trainer and best friend. His quest like many of yours was to find the elusive "mother of all mountains" to climb, to conquer.

Here is the lucky hero who already climbed this spot

Don't hesitate to ask him/her some tips, he/she is awesome.
Vinny the Pug

Vinny the Pug


Vinny the Pug Bouldering in Sedona by Vinny the Pug
Vinny the Pug Vinny the Pug