Andy White shares great beta for a trip to the Okanagan Boulderfields. With a new topo, not available in the current guidebook, for The Driven area of the Boulderfields you now have no reason not to plan a trip to Kelowna. 

"As the season winds down, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the Okanagan bouldering scene lately. For years, a small group of local developers thought to ourselves, “Man, we’re sure lucky to climb in all these amazing spots around the valley. They’re great, and they sure seem to be world-class, but I wonder what others will think?” Well, in the last number of years, it seems as though the increasing popularity of the region’s bouldering and reviews from world-class climbers confirm that we do, in fact, have the luxury of enjoying world-class bouldering in our back yard. The last couple seasons, and this season in particular, have been game changers for the Okanagan’s bouldering timeline. People are starting to flock to the region in all seasons to sample the rock, local developers are still scrubbing new lines at an amazing pace, and visits from some very strong traveling boulderers as well as the efforts of some of the areas strongest climbers have resulted in the establishment of the hardest lines in Okanagan bouldering history. So, in my reflections lately, I seem to be consistently coming to the conclusion that this is no longer a “future destination,” or “potential, world-class destination.” It seems as though “destination” status has already been realized...."

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