This video tells the story behind the photography I do of rock climbers in Freyr, Belgium. I hope to inspire you and I am interested seeing your photo's about rock climbing and how you do it.

Greetings, Stijn.

So, here are some more BTS pictures I took during the filming.

And yes, it took us very longs sticks, broken windows, drifting drone's and there was even a beer in the route for the one that on-sighted it. So one day you'll pass Freyr don't forget the beer! 

Getting up is always the most difficult part of the day, but once you're out of bed you can wake up in the traffic and dream about rockclimbing.

First we picked up our crew and climbers on the way south to Freyr... some of us were pretty exited ... . 

A quick stop at the litlle Spar supermarket in Anseremme ...

First checking conditions and testing our equipment...

Marc flew in with his quadrocopter and Gopro attached to it... we had some nice footage but wind and the loss of the radiosignal made the drone to go for a walk over the water... but Marc managed to land safe on steady ground, so we had to choose another option without drowning the drone. And you won't believe what you can do with wide angle's and long sticks.

Helena and her husband were checking out the start of the route under supervision of their sun and Marc.

Second day of shooting with Michaël ... nice to have an experienced climber with me that seems to do a great job filming aswell!  

For those who will try to climb the route Double You, there is a surprise waiting in the third and last pitch... once you'll passed the traverse you will see a Belgium gift hidden in the rock. Don't shake it before or after opening! 


Well it were two long days but it was such a fun photographing and filming with passionate  people in a great environment.    - Stijn Van Hulle -



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    Why are you reporting this picture?
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    Super gave film Stijn! (Super cool movie!!)