Adam Ondra - triple world champion in climbing, a phenomenon among climbers. When he was 4 his parents put a sit harness on him for the first time, he started climbimg when he was 6 and at age of 7 he climbed the rock which his parents failed to climb. When he was eleven, he begun to climb most dificult rocks and 2 years later he was one of the top ten climbers in the world. Nowadays, at the age of 24 he is already triple world champion and phenomenon in the comunity of climbers. Adam is another person in my long-term photocycle Standing Out – a photocycle which is dedicated to remarkable personalities. When thinking of how to aproach Adam’s portrait, the fact that he is able to climb almost anything in the world inspired me to let him climb on a glass building, which he agreed to….as you can see. My thanks go to Adam, SonoCentrum Brno and Mirek Zborovský who provided asistance and mentoring for work in hights :).