Autumn 2015. It's time to go to Font with the crew.

Once a year we try to organize a team event for our dedicated team of climbers, ambassadors and friends. Most of the time the destination is Fontainebleau like this year. In Poligny, south of Nemours, we rented 2 houses in a nice farmer village. Like last time the houses where packed with climbers and friends which ensured nice and homey diners during the evenings.

The mornings where meant for long sleeping but when they woke up they were siked to touch some rocks. Where the youngsters were running to the rocks like headless chickens. The oldies first drunk another cop of coffee waiting till the rocks were dried up after the morning dew. And then it could go wild. Climbing all day long till it became dark again.

And..... debating and..... debating and.... cleaning the rocks and.... deabting and.... cleaning the rock and....

Climbers and friends thanks for the awesome week in Font.