As the resident photographer of my local bouldering gym, I witnessed a beautiful boulder competition - as there are in so many places.

This year however, the gym owner Sepp Breesch had a simple yet brilliant idea for the finals. There was no isolation, so every finalist could see the others attempting. They had to pick a number for each route to randomly determine the order of climbing. Each finalist had 3 attempts in total, and after every attempt it was up to the next one.

The result was something we have all seen so much happening on the rocks. Climbers who brusch each other's holds, help and encourage each other. But seeing this happen in a competition was really nice. This is what climbing is all about. Sports, freedom and friendship… Many thanks to all the participants, organization and routesetters. My greatest respect for the finalists, who showed us with all their sportivity how beautiful our sport can be!

The full photoset is shown on flickr