Sunday morning. Let's go climbing with the kids. The gym is brand new (open in augustus 2015!) and we are already addict.

I'm an "old" climber, about 20 year of practice, but my wife and the kids are still in the discovery phase. They like the crags, but the most appealing is a bouldering climbing gym. And this one is only 20km from home!

We are almost alone for about 800m² of climbing wall!

At first we stay in the "kid's zone" where my 20 month old daughter made her first real ascent!

But the pink routes in the main zone are made for kids and it's always more fun for kids to do "as the big ones"! And to watch dad trying some harder route (max 7A+) with some friends.

This time my wife joined us and was then more able to understand my hand's look after some sessions... ;)

As kids (and all of us...)  need some rest, the gym is nicely equiped and that's important!

I'm really happy to see that the whole family share my passion even if it's not always easy to find time to climb all together and that's not the best training session for me!!! ;)

See you next sunday? ;)

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    we are very happy to share this passion with you and to meet you . you are a beautiful family