You know the moral the story as I'm sure something similar has had to have happened to you at least once!  The day started out well enough and perhaps even better than most after you've checked the weather reports.  Cloudless sky's with the exact temperature and air to moisture ratio for optimal climbing.  You arrive at the precise moment the sun's rays paint the tip of the very peak you're about to ascend as if to point to your assignment for today.  All of you climbing gear, safety gear, nourishment and re-hydrants are in securely packed and ready. 

About half way up the mountain it strikes you, never before have you ever had a climb come off so smoothly, and a smile overtake your face, leaving you thinking, "damn-I'm good!".  Just another hour or perhaps 45 minutes and I will be there!   You become excited at the upcoming opportunity to empty you pulsating bladder standing on all four feet as God intended you too.  It won't be long now....!

Success, at last!  First things first, relief, ahaaaa.....!  Then you find a comfortable position to enable you to perform the obligatory 360 degree assessment, only to find the view even more magnificent then anticipated!  For a full 60 seconds all goes right and nothing could possible rob you of your glory........! 

At that precise moment,you began to contemplate how perfectly everything had happened since leaving the apartment to enable you to enjoy such an incredible view!

Then!  A tiny, yet perceptible micro-feeling began to invade your consciousnesses.  Like a mushroom filmed by a time lapsed camera, it keeps getting bigger and bigger the more you think about it. All of a sudden as it you're experience a music crescendo, it hits you like a ton of falling bricks, "I forgot to turn-off  the xxxxxx'en oven before leaving.  You know, the over containing the celebratory pot roast I'd intended to feast on when I returned home.  At this altitude of rarified air, it was hard to remember, "Did I, or didn't I?"

Thus, the story behind that horrified look on Vinny the Pug's face while atop Mt. Camelback on this latest photo installment. I'm sure that every climber will have experienced such a moment, hopefully not as potentially serious as when Vinny did when this picture was taken.   Cheers!

Allen Kimble & "Vinny the Pug" 4-Ever!