We arrived in Hampi, India, October 2014. We were there to climb, film and have a damn fine holiday. Then we met Vikas ('Jerry'), and 'Hampi Local' was born. We soon realised that this film was going to be about more than just bouldering - yes, we wanted to showcase Jerry's talent, and reveal Hampi in all its dreamy glory.

Jerry climbing 'Goan Corner'.

But, more than that, we wanted to show how, for travelling climbers, a little local knowledge and friendship can turn a good bouldering trip into one that you never forget. 

The team developing new areas. 

Julia sending her problem - Rishimuk Plateau, Hampi Island.

 Despite growing up in one of the world's greatest bouldering fields, Jerry only 'found' climbing after meeting Hugo, a visiting Spanish climber. They met on the ghats, Hugo waiting for one of Hampi's temperamental local 'ferries', Jerry peddling postcards, like so many local lads. A friendship was formed, with Hugo teaching Jerry - a quick learner - the basics of the sport. This climbing partnership has endured, with the duo now developing new areas in Hampi, such as the softer, kinder White Balls. But, as Hugo explains in the film, these days Jerry is climbing 8a, and is often mentor rather than mentee. Now that Hampi Local is live, we are working on a follow up. In autumn 2016, we want to get Jerry over to the UK to climb on northern grit. With the right support, we will see our Hampi local become Yorkshire tourist, and his simple dream will be realised: to travel, to visit other countries and climb with the locals there. To watch the full movie go to https://vimeo.com/134398755 #hampilocal @blocfeatures