Phnom Climb has started a Fundraising Campaign with the goal to finance the last and ultimate lead climbing wall in our space. In half of the available time, we reached exactly 50% of the goal! This is fantastic. Big thank you to all of you who contributed in any way to this. We now need your help to achieve our goal in the second half.

This is how you can help us:

-Go to the Campaign: , watch the video and consider a contribution. Every small amount brings us a step forward!

- Inform your friends about the campaign, encourage them to chip in and to share the campaign to their friends! You can do this by email, social media, hand written letters, word to mouth or by bottle mail. Send the campaign to anyone you know who is interested in rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, outdoors, or just walking uphill!

- Inform anyone who is excited about in an out of the box project in a different country Publish the direct Link to the campaign on your Facebook wall with the invitation to participate!

- Share the Link on Twitter or Instagramm using hashtags like #climbing #bouldering #rockclimbing

- Ask your climbing gym to publish the campaign on their Facebook page or to mention it in their newsletter.

We can reach the goal of this Indiegogo Campaign, but ONLY with YOUR help! Thanks in advance for every single share and contribution!