I have heard from my insides that there is something up there that, for some of us, it is like oblivion. I don't know if I am one of them, who are able to forget once they get to the top of the mountain. Frankly, I am more likely to dive into my memories like a mermaid. All of me tends to follow all the gravity laws that govern here in earth and at the same time in a far place in the universe. It doesn't really matters if I can't touch, see, smell, taste or hear something, or someone, once it already swims in my waters, once it already lives in my heart.

However, sometimes, this gravity pulls you into a place where you can not be in. And it is right in that point, where you should have learnt the skills that may allow you to look for survival. I thought, I had enough knowledge to overtake this and I have recently discovered that I have nothing compared with what I really need. That's why I realised that it is not about judging those who hide, those who lives with their problems locked up in a closed box under their beds during ages or even all of their lifes. Sometimes it is just about encouraging, others just waiting, and others just deeply hoping that we and they will, someday, get over it.