In November 2016 I went to Hampi with 2 friends to boulder, despite having had a knee op for a bucket handle meniscus tear 6 weeks before. This was a good way of doing physio; some bouldering! So we took a long bus ride to the border of Nepal, hopped on another bus to cross the border on foot, then rickshaw to the train station. One nightmare rat infested night at the train hostel had me jumping out of the couch + pushing the boys over so I could share their double bed. No sleep, but air-con blasting all night, we then borded the train from Gorakhpur + it took us pretty much 4 days to completely get to Hampi the cheap way!! There we spent weeks bouldering, visiting beaches in Gorkhana, spent one night in Goa realizing that we had no money to hang there, then climbed routes in temple landscapes in Badami (warning: there is a lot of shit there due to no public toilets) + back home again. It was a dream trip.