New Gear 2017

It’s a big year for MSR. Our engineers and designers have been working hard and we’re excited to reveal their latest innovations. This season’s lineup includes impressively light and packable winter backcountry tents, an award-winning pocket-sized water filter, a new collection of premium cookware, revolutionary tent stakes and more. Tinkered with, obsessed over and finally ready for the wild, here are some highlights from MSR’s next generation of hardworking, reliable gear

Access Series

Backcountry skiers, splitboarders and snowshoers, this is the first-ever tent designed specifically for you. We know not everyone who camps in the winter backcountry is mountaineer. And not everyone needs to haul around the weight of a burly mountaineering tent. These impressively light and strong four-season tents were designed specifically for winter adventurers who need to stay nimble while on the move but require a warm and restful night’s sleep for hard-charging days.

Remote Series

If you are spending days to weeks living high on a mountain flank in harsh alpine conditions, Remote tents are your refuge. Built to handle ferocious winds and heavy snow loading, these shelters feature nearly indestructible Easton® Syclone™ Poles, which flex rather than snap under force. With plenty of room for two or three, a gear-swallowing vestibule and loops for line-drying gear, these tents are expedition-grade and guide-worthy alpine strongholds.

TrailShot Microfilter

Fast-paced adventurers have always battled a conundrum: It takes a lot of water to perform at your best, but all that water weight only slows you down. The solution? Meet the TrailShot Microfilter. So small, there’s no excuse to leave it at home, this tiny filter provides the clean water you need all day—at a mere 142 g (5 oz). Quick to deploy and designed to hide in stash pockets, it lets you drink directly from sources along the trail and fill up your vessels—then get moving quickly again.

Updated Dromedary and Dromlite Water Storage Bags

Long the workhorses of water storage, MSR’s Dromedary and DromLite bags got a few upgrades this year. Among them, is an improved food-grade lining for better-tasting water and a new 3-in-1 cap that’s lower-profile and engineered for greater pouring ease.Featuring 1000D fabric, the Dromedary bag is still our burliest solution to collapsible water storage. The choice for fast and light travel, our DromLite bags are now reconstructed of a durable film, rather than fabric, allowing them to collapse all the way down to the size of their cap for unbeatable packability.

PocketRocket 2 Stove

How do you improve the most popular ultralight backpacking stove? You trim its size and weight, of course. This next-generation stove loses none of the original PocketRocket’s impressive performance, but drops its weight down to a mere 73 g (2.6 oz), while new folding pot supports create an incredibly tiny packed size. Still, this micro stove boils a liter of water in just 3.5 minutes. Whether you’re a fast-and-light fanatic or just looking for a simple, reliable stove, this is your rocket.

Ceramic Cookware

Thanks to its new premium nonstick ceramic surface, this line of lightweight aluminum cookware lets you cook like you do at home while you’re in the wilderness. The ceramic surface is the most durable nonstick coating we’ve ever found, offering excellent scratch-resistant performance. It also it handles high-temperature cooking and makes meal clean-up fast and easy.

Let us know what you think of MSR’s latest offerings and happy adventuring! To see the rest of MSR’s new gear, visit