Day 2015 07 16 we climbed Guillotine on Kozia kôpka. At about the first 3/4 of first length, we saw tooth which has slack loop over itself (probably Emergency rappel). After examining it closer we found that the tooth is completely free and rock formation under it too. Free, understand possible to movable by hand. We agreed that even in emergencies is a very dangerous place for rappel. In the bivouac below us no one was even nearby, we stayed there about four hours when we climbed the two roads next to it was not a soul around us. From guillotine belay station, we also looked under us if someone did not come belayer also seen anybody he left the onset. Before dropping, we also scream out for sure that no one really did not come to any harm. When falling rocks rock a little grain in the first length of roads rest of it after impact broke into smaller pieces that stopped on the way to the valley. After running this block we additionally clean up the shelf. Now in the guillotine there is no greater risk of falling bigger block and there is new shelf. In our view, it is important to minimize the risk by controlled and secure fall .