This winter we traveled by train to the Zillertal Alps in Austria. Our plan was to cross the wild mountains of the Zillertal Alps with touring skis in six days.

Our first stage led us from Vals on the Brenner to the Gerauer Hütte at the foot of the Olperer. The next day we climbed up with our heavy backpacks to the Alpeiner Scharte.

When we reached the top of the ridge and finally got touched by the first sunrays, we had just to bring the steep entrance behind us and had then ideally inclined ski slopes with perfect snow conditions before us.

This was followed by the long march along the avalanche-threatened Schlegeisstause. We were fortunately early enough and most of the avalanches have already gone. It was exhausting to cross the entire avalanche cone, but rather to climb above it than laying under them.

After endless hours we were finally able to get the last heights up to the next winter area at the Furtschaglhaus behind us. We are all in bed early, and we are tormented at 5 o'clock in the morning to climb over the northern flank to the 3.478 m high Großen Möseler.

Unfortunately we come to a change of weather which complicates the descent from the Großen Möseler towards Ahrntal. Also the distance to the Rossruggscharte over which the Turnerkamp ascends steeply upwards is rather to agony, as my boots start to push terribly (great thanks to Silvio and Peter who have always motivated me to continue).

At the Rossruggscharte we rapple down through the dense fog to the splitting Hornkees where the exciting descent through the labyrinth of glacier clefts begins.

After endless passes, fortunately the weather changes somewhat after we have lost altitude, so the remaining descent to the Berlin hut is a bit more pleasant. After a strenuous 10 hours day, we all fall to bed after the meal.

After a cold clear night, again have the ideal conditions to make our way towards Schwarzenstein. We climb over a wide left turn to the Schwarzsteinsattel on which we take a break in the blue sky, but ice cold wind.

Then we will descend over the imposing Floitenkees to the Greizer hut, where we can enjoy a sunbath in the afternoon. After we decided to go the next day to Ginzling in the Zillertal was in the evening still everything we had simmered with provisions and all three we fall to bed.

The next day we climbed after we finally slept once again have a few hundred altitudes on and then the last descent down to Ginzling attack.

At last we arrived at the valley, we were looking for a pension, in which our adventure was a happy ending.

Watch the video and join us on our adventure through the wild Zillertal mountain range!