Coffee-table book by Claudia Ziegler

In Claudia Ziegler  book "The Young Savages" she directs her attention to the young and youngest climbing talents who indeed have made a serious impression in recent years with their unbelieveable achievements in sportclimbing. And she does so in a very personal way. Claudia Ziegler looks far beyond the pure sporting performance of these young athletes. To create the intimate portraits of the powerful newcomers, she observed them very carefully: She shared their homes with them for several days, and thus spent a lot of time in their private surroundings gaining very personal impressions of their worlds. The reader gets insight into the everyday life of these young adults, who, despite their young age, are certainly remarkably mature personalities not only on the rock, but also in "real" life.

The following „Younge Savages“ are portrayed in the book: Johanna Ernst (Austria) Adam Ondra (Czech Republic) Matilda Söderlund (Sweden) Brooke & Shawn Raboutou (USA) Mihou Nonaka (Japan) Alexander Megos (Germany) Ashima Shiraishi (USA) Shauna Coxsey (United Kingdom) Jonathan and Cameron Hörst (USA) Mélissa Le Neve (France) Domen Skofic (Slovenia)

The texts in the book come in German and English. Young Savages is clearly different in style and presentation from any other publication so far: It is a fascinating book about the young elite of the climbing scene as well as an exciting glimpse into the future of climbing.

Text: Annika Müller published by Panico Alpinverlag ISBN 978-3-95611-033-7 1st edition 2015 Hardcover + dust jacket, 192 pages, weight 1.4 kg Text bilingual, German / English Retail price 39,80 € (D) Reference on, book and retailers and all major online stores